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We have linked up with our wholesalers to bring you some food supplies to the village.

A whole lot safer than going to the supermarket, it can be collected from outside the pub and by contacting our local bunch of village volunteers (01507 343440) we can even help bring this to your door.

By using our commercial suppliers we are able to overcome the food distribution problem currently facing the country whilst helping our suppliers diversify and stave off their own problems.  By getting deliveries straight to the village without every Tom, Dick and Harry potentially infecting you on your trip around the supermarket you can be safer too.

We have put a board up at the end of the road and uploaded it here to explain the idea.   The basic idea is to not operate as a shop since Denise and Ian are self-isolating but to coordinate ordering and deliveries by phone and collection respectively.  We will be coordinating with Pilgrim and Andrew as local companies on a voluntary basis, therefore not adding a markup to our services.  Read the explain the idea document to know how to order and pay

Packs from Pilgrim - saving jobs around Boston

Open up a file with the packages available from Pilgrim, including fresh meat, vegetables, fruit and salads.

Packs from Andrew Moorcroft Seafood - saving jobs around Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire

Open up a file with the packages available from Andrew, frozen fish packs from small to big.

Shop Essentials from Booker

This one is slightly different since they involve a national supplier (owned by Tesco).  It also involves a shopping list, online ordering and more hassle so we have added a retail margin onto their wholesale price - just as a shop would.  We can access many other items but to keep this simple open up the file with the items we suggest from Booker.  It includes everyday essentials like milk and bread but also today's critical suppliers - loo roll, paracetamol and latex gloves.  If you have any suggestions please mention them when you place your order over the phone or make a comment on our Facebook page.


How this works

We are aiming to do one order per week and have one delivery towards the end of the working week so that everything can be collected by Friday Evening, ready for the weekend.  For this to happen we have to meet minimum order requirements for wholesalers - usually about £200 or so.  If there is no interest that week, we will contact you and defer your order to hopefully add to others the following week.  We will charge a flat rate of £5 including VAT (its a service and we are a business even though our time is voluntary we are using our business to take card payments).  This covers some basic costs:  walk in freezers and fridges, disposable gloves, banking charges for taking payments by card plus any packaging costs that might be needed.  Items from Booker have our markup included and must be rung through our till since some things have VAT and some don't and we have to account for it.  We will use the retailers RRP if an item is sold as a normal retail item or we will add a small markup, if not.  Either way it starts getting more complicated and needs accounting for so it also needs charging for.  Our time is free and an offer of generosity to help out in this situation.  Our business is, obviously screwed at the moment so please don't be so thick as to think we are making money from this, a few pounds here and there really doesn't make any difference.

1.  Click on the various documents and decide what you want either individually or collectively.  Add it up before calling us.  Add £5 for our costs as explained.  If you have ordered for your neighbour/ friends / family (nice idea, they need some help) then that saves some money for you and makes a bigger order which is less hassle at our end.  Call us on 01507 343909 with your card number and details just as you would purchase anything with a card over the phone.  Don't call us early in the morning (before 10am), we are used to running a pub late at night.  Don't call late at night either (after 8pm), I do like to relax too.  Best day to order is probably Sunday or Monday if you want something that week but suppliers are trying to navigate a difficult situation with their own staff often not wanting the risk of working so we are fitting with when they can do this.

2.  We will place orders as our suppliers need them (varies with each one).  Most things turn up near the end of the week.  Give us a call on Friday afternoon or Saturday (not too early) to tell us you are on your way down - need about 15 mins to gather it and take it out the front.  If you are going to use a volunteer to help with delivery, ask them to call.  We will place your food in our crate(s) out the front.  Unload it, leave the crate behind and bring your own bags.  We will then bleach spray the crate for reuse - watch your clothes, there maybe some bleach on the crate.  We will not have touched anything with bare hands - hence the latex gloves and we have a rigourous policy for keeping our environment free of potential virus.  Make sure you touch as little as possible and don't come anywhere near us please.  For you, be safe and don't fully trust anything coming into your home.  Although not that likely, if someone down the food delivery chain has coughed onto your food and you handle it, or worse eat it without washing it first, then it can still potentially transmit.  Keep washing your hands when you get back home and handle food and don't touch your face.  I would also remind you that food suppliers and their employees are supposed to follow strict hygiene practices whereas supermarket customers do not.

* if you want something in particular let me know.

Pub Food

We also have some of our pub food to sell off.  Ready meals without all the additives.  Excellent too.  No labels of any ingredients so make sure you are not allergic to anything and no cooking instructions but pretty obvious Chinese tub defrost first, then microwave / over / pan simmer idea until hot.

Anyone needing some help?

On a personal note, two of my daughters work within A&E departments, one locally, the other in London.  Poor buggers but they are both excellent people and the country couldn't have better front line workers.  Another is a teacher, looking after those kids that need looking after to allow our key workers to work.  A fourth is in the military and possibly on standby to assist the police.  A fifth is lucky enough to be at home with her children but unlucky to have a teacher for a husband who potentially comes home with a virus each day he works.  The sixth is in sales and working from home - lucky Tom. 

Our nursing daughter who works locally (in this nice bit of the world) got abused walking home last night by a passing driver - apparently getting too much help from people.  It has left her quite shaken as these things do.  If you know of anyone still at work and therefore still at risk, let them know we have a solution for them if their supermarkets do not.  Better still, get them some food.  Or better than that, we have pre-cooked meals which will help keep their own health high as their workload increases.  I don't need to hoard it for myself as I am perfectly capable of cooking some more.


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