Find out about our plans over the Covid-19 winter of 2020-2021.  

Over the winter 2020-2021 we will be opening our new campsite hardstandings for motorhomes and caravans as well as our popular glamping pods which are fully insulated and heated. 

Until the end of September, both the campsite and glamping pods are open with a takeaway service available seven evenings a week.  From October will will move into our winter program and make further adaptions as we plan to navigate our business through the pandemic.  

From October, the glamping pods will remain open for business throughout the winter with the exception of most of January.  In the present circumstances the pub will remain closed but we will continue to offer a takeaway service on Friday and Saturday evenings. 

Will the pub be opening?

The basic issue with the pub is that it is not an easy business to get right and small changes easily result in massive losses.  The pandemic is a big change which is having a massive effect on the desire of people to socially gather together which is obviously, what a pub is all about.  If you own a pub, the pandemic is about survival and getting to the other end better than the next guy.  For those that arrive at the end of the pandemic, there may be a chance to grow again but during the pandemic, most of us are aiming to survive.

The nature of our business means, whilst demand is here for staycations and very limited for the pub, we will function as a campsite/glampsite and use the pub as best we can to create some service level for our guests we have staying here whilst bearing in mind an episode of Coronavirus would close both pub and campsite and damage the business.  An open pub building makes this far more likely which is why our sole focus has been, and remains, keeping the premesis and ourselves free of Covid-19 because only if we are free of the disease can we do anything.

Some pubs have re-opened locally but it won't be easy for them.  Our view is that our business is best served at the moment by not stretching ourselves by opening a pub or employing pub staff in such an uncertain period.  Our view is that operating a campsite with its own extra work and Covid-19 costs that have been necessary for us to re-open after lockdown is hard enough.  A secondary consideration is that our rival pubs need as much trade as normal, probably even more trade than normal to keep open.  According to data collected pubs are currently working at a 25-50% of normal trading figures which is potentially fatal.  Adding ourselves to the local mix will simply split the trade further and in the long term this will be bad for an area that needs all the pubs and facilities it has to attract the tourism it needs to survive

We hope the pub makes a comeback at some point but it will be when the pub game is an attractive one to invest in.  The next period of time will probably see many more pub and retail closures before things settle to the new norms of demand and a supply and who knows what this will be.


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