A few residents with concerns over our development have come to seen me since Monday’s meeting.  Fantastic.  There have been good chats.  I learnt things, they learnt things and I hope we all feel better now.  So I encourage more of you to do the same.

One thing that was obvious is that despite efforts we still are not getting the message through clearly and only conversation can enable this to fully happen.  The people I have talked to with have particular views and angles which led to different concerns, questions and wishes. 

They, at least, now know exactly how this affects them and I feel, at the very least, they are fully informed and I would hope some more of you will follow.  Below I have set out a summary of pertinent information, but its brief and you may have more questions so please come along and see me.

Our General Aims

  • Denise and I need to find a work life balance that better addresses the issues in our businesses and our personal time which sometimes results in providing a poor service which ultimately doesn’t help the business.
  • Developing tourism and reviving the rural community is at the heart of the local development plan.  The business will be fundamentally in sync with this area and AONB and it is intended that it will remain so.
    • Visitors come here to enjoy the Wolds and everything you enjoy about it too.
    • Overnight visitors create a captive market that the pub can sell to.  Without them the pub cannot hope to attract enough people to exist.
    • Campers are, on the whole, quiet.  They have to respect their neighbours in canvas which is thinner than a wall.
  • Weddings and group camping bookings are bolted on to our business because the income from them underwrites the present loss making performance of the pub.  They should be understood in context of:
    • We are allowed three noisy events per year, not through planning or licencing but through environmental health.  Three is what is deemed reasonable.
    • The last wedding that was particularly bad was an exception.  A band that defies its venue and a large group that think I am being unreasonable in enforcing a contract.  A situation where they want to decapitate me.  Difficult people, music was too loud and as a result, unrest.  These things unfortunately happen from time to time.  All six other weddings over the three years were not like this, so please use that context as a better guide.  Some are still too noisy for many of you but that is the real context.
    • All group activities will create more noise than individuals do.  A group of campers, a wedding group are noisier.  Noise as we all know isn’t a great thing.  We are already mindful of the impact which is why we only allow music in the marquee until 10pm.  We have no intention and have never had any intention of creating a noise fest basis for a business in Goulceby.
    • Without weddings the pub does not make enough money, at present, to exist.
    • The balance is asking you to accept three of these noisier weddings a year so that the pub can continue operating and staying open.
  • In the longer term, with the business established, we should have a place here that is full of normal quiet campers and guests that supplement the income of the pub.  With both campsite and pub thriving, any wedding or group booking would be far less likely:
    • Take a group of 5 tents on a campsite with thirty units.  Those 5 tents effect the other 25 because they are a noisier group.  The 25 are annoyed (just like you).  Do we choose to lose the group of 5 or the 25?
    • A wedding, to cover the work, costs and hassle, needs to make us far more money than we would normally make for it to be worthwhile.  If normal is a tiny campsite and empty pub, as it is at the moment, the weddings are competitively priced.  If normal became a bigger campsite and resulting busier pub, weddings would be far more expensive so that it made significantly more than we would otherwise make.  The price quoted is therefore less competitive.
  • One of our biggest challenges is to do this as fast as possible because profitability is stability and the solution to many of these problems.  For this to happen we:
    • Need support from you.  Without it, the pub fails and we are left with whatever we have to make a living from and that outcome is worse for everyone.
    • Improve our management so that the pub gets better delivery and service.
    • Need money to re-invest which happens by removing the losses made in running the pub when not viable, i.e.  by opening the pub when there is not enough people.  We need to be a winter weekend pub at the moment and build upon this in the summer and in the future.
    • With money to re-invest, extending the campsite and developing all year accommodation whilst finding a solution to the performance / management issues we hope to be able to attract enough volume of people to operate profitably and effectively without needing the things that cause a problem to you which also cause us a problem because of that.  Trying to be all things to all people is difficult, not ideal but necessary.

The plan is a good one because:

  • A growing business creates employment
  • A rural pub which would otherwise be completely unviable has a platform to be viable.  Imagine how strong this village pub will be if it is immune from the type of individual attack or shortcoming that threatens it at the moment.  This plan offers long term security to this pub.  I want that and I ask you to get on board and want that too.
  • Communities are better with a pub at the heart.  People recognise this because villages that can sustain a pub are more sought after.
  • The Lincolnshire Wolds AONB is an area that is supposed to be enjoyed by all not just the privileged few that live within it.   To do this people need places to stay and places to eat.
  • Attracting visitors to Lincolnshire is vital to the rural economy.  Visitors spend their money earnt elsewhere here in your local area and in your local pub.  If they spend it here, they keep those businesses here.  If more visitors are able to stay here it attracts other businesses to grow and start here.  The economy grows on the back of tourism just as we can exist off the back of Cadwell attracting visitors.
  • I know many residents come here to retire or have a peaceful life but should this be at the sacrifice of creating areas in the country which are unsuitable for children, families and working people?  If you were born here why should you be forced to leave Lincolnshire to follow a career to improve your work prospects.  This is a really bad situation which is reflected in creating stagnating Lincolnshire property values and the deprived economy in this area.  A good balance is one that is fit for all, not just a few.  To make this happen the economy of Lincolnshire needs to grow so that it attracts more and grows further.


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