Coronavirus Pandemic in 2020

The business is closed over the winter of 2020/21 during the pandemic and expect to re-open to some extent in Spring 2021.


Eat Cheap this August...we are participating in the Eat out to Help out Scheme

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From the 3rd August to the 31st of August the UK Government have launched the initiative "eat out to help out" scheme which gives everyone the opportunity to get up to £10 off their food and soft drinks bill if they eat in a food business that has registered to be part of the scheme.  We have!

What it means is that you can eat out as many times as you want on any Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday in August and get 50% off your food and soft drink bill per person up to a maximum discount of £10 per person.  You don't need a voucher, you don't need to do anything apart from eat some food at the establishment and pay for the amount you need to pay for, we claim the rest back from the scheme.

We are participating (subject to our registration being successful) and will be open for our most delicious pizzas and chips on all the Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in August.  We are generally doing our Pizza menu as a takeaway but this scheme is an eat out scheme designed to get people going out again (more on my thoughts about that below) so to qualify you need to eat out, or eat the food on our premises.  So if you would like the discount, we will put the pizza on a plate and you can eat safely OUTSIDE on the patio or in the marquee with a bottle of wine (£10), beer (£2) or soft drink (£2) from our fridge or nothing at all.  The pub building is closed and we are not serving draught products yet but your support will help our business get back on track down the line.

On a serious note, why you should consider eating out:

  1. The hospitality sector will have many casualties and it needs customers NOW and whether you choose to eat here or elsewhere it will help all our businesses to get some much needed income which will help stave off some unemployment that we will all collectively pay for.  By eating out you are helping to keep this pub and other pubs, cafes and restaurants open and here in the future.  All of our businesses around here will be dead in the winter and since we have missed out on most of this summer that means 18 months of no significant income which is pretty devastating.
  2. The scheme's intention is, in my view, is a good idea to break the nervousness that exists in most people having been told to 'stay at home' for the past four months.  There is still a virus out there and we still need to be mindful of how easily it can transmit and take measures to reduce our own personal risk BUT the economic devastation and the mental effects of 'stay at home' must be balanced so, ultimately, life must find a way to go on and we must all adapt or stay in until a vaccination program is completed.  If everyone stays in, there will be a major catastrophe waiting outside when you open your door again.  Some people may choose to stay in and fair enough if that's what you should do but if you can venture out, then I think it is a good idea to do so and I say that as a person who had a shut down life just a few weeks ago and the mental difference in my mind is quite amazing.  I have a purpose again and I have socialised again and I feel good again and I have taken a lot of measures to make sure I am still pretty safe - I hope.  I am still mindful of catching Covid-19 but I am now out there and I sincerely thank the influences that convinced us to re-open.
  3. For us we offer what I think is a comfortable and easy step to gain some confidence to go out again if you are nervous.  We are an outside venue at the moment, our campers love it and so do we but we are pretty quiet in midweek so it is as safe as you can get at the moment.  You can eat out in a fresh air environment, either undercover in the marquee or outside completely and choose when the weather is right.  You need to pre-order by 3pm on the day so that we can prepare enough food.  We serve from 6pm, which means dinner will be near 6pm.  We are not offering a normal pub / restaurant service because it simply doesn't work for us at the moment, so its pre-order and we cook from 6pm until the last pre-order is finished.
  4. If you are lucky (or unlucky - depending on your point of view) you might meet someone else.  You will meet one of us, at least.  This is a good thing because you can social distance but socialise and that is amazing therapy to lockdown syndrome.
  5. We want a safe environment so we are cleaning a lot, offering well ventilated outside toilets (the campsite ones), disinfecting benches between users, spacing furniture and wearing masks to prepare and serve food. 
  6. You can eat out for not a lot in August - a perfect treat, so enjoy it and help out.


Example 1:  Two of you buy a meat lover pizza for £12 each, and also have a bottle of coke for £2 each.  Total spend £28.  Discounted to £14.  You pay £14.

Example 2:   A larger family of four buy 8 Margaritas (8x£9) and 8 chips (8 x £2.50), 1 bottle of wine (£10) and 2 cokes (2 x £2) which, granted, is a lot of food for four people but a necessary example with our limited menu).  Total spend is £92 on food, £10 on alcoholic drinks, £4 on soft drinks - £106 total.  You get a 50% discount on food and soft drinks only which was £96 in total.  50% of that is £48 but the maximum discount per person is £10, so for this family of four that is a £40 discount.  Your bill will be £106 - £40 = £66.


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